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Telephone service in Hamburg

Telephone service in Hamburg: Benefits

  • First class accessibility
  • Telephone service with Hamburg area code
  • Trained personnel
  • Permanent availability
  • Exclusive business address
  • Flexible terms
Der Empfang in Hamburg, Neuer Wall. Hell gehalten mit Beige- und Weißtönen, eine komfortable Couch mit Kissen im Vordergrund, den Empfangstresen mit goldenen Stoffbahnen im Hintergrund neben einer die komplette Wand einnehmenden Fensterfront. An der Decke Leuchtelemente in Form von ineinander verschlungenen, goldenen Ringen.

Telephone service in Hamburg

Always being available regardless of where they physically are is very important for entrepreneurs. For this reason, we offer a telephone service. It includes the answering and forwarding of phone calls. Calls can be forwarded to any desired landline or mobile number. In addition, you and your company can always be contacted under a local number.

The telephone service in Hamburg makes a decisive contribution to keeping the entrepreneur flexible and allowing clients permanent access with concerns. We will be happy to provide interested parties from near and far with more details about our services on request. All services are charged at a fixed price. Additional costs do not arise.

Dekoration im COLLECTION Business Centern Hamburg Hohe Bleichen

First-class address

Many entrepreneurs who are often travelling look for an option where they can pursue their activity. The choice often falls on a hotel, a café or similar. The problem here is that these premises do not always offer the necessary infrastructure and peace and quiet required for focused working. For this reason, the COLLECTION Business Center in Hamburg may be a good alternative.

Regardless of whether holding conferences, speaking with clients or dealing with important work in peace and quiet - the COLLECTION Business Center offers the right solution in every case. The rooms can be booked with services for few hours or also for many years in succession. Pretty much everything in between is possible.

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