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Extravagant Coworking in a stylish atmosphere

Experience a special type of coworking space at the COLLECTION flexible Workspaces locations. Working in a quiet and private working atmosphere or together with other like-minded people – in our workspace, both options are available to you.

Coworking overview

In cooperation with renowned interior architects and designers, we create peerless work areas in which work is made pleasant as well as highly efficient. State-of-the-art offices in a quiet working environment make the coworking spaces in our centres unique. Discreet, stylish furnishings and a beautiful ambience create a feel-good atmosphere in the business premises.

Each open space is ready for occupancy and can be booked for a day, a month or several years. Whether coworking in private group offices or in open community offices: At COLLECTION flexible Workspaces you will find a solution that is exactly tailored to your needs.

  • Commission-free workspaces from one day onward
  • Fixed & flexible workplaces available
  • Suitable as registered offices

Your coworking: Our package deals

Coworking 1 day

You are on the road a lot and still want to continue to do business? Hotels and cafés do not offer you the necessary peace and working atmosphere to work on your professional goals with full concentration? Our one-day coworking solution is the perfect companion for you. Renting a coworking space can be so easy: Just book, work and go.

  • Flexible workspace for one day
  • Maximum flexibility without contractual constraints
  • Optional meetingrooms available

only €39 /day*

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Coworking 5 or 10 days

If you need more days but the same flexibility, you can book our day packages for five or ten days. Of course, a hot desk can still be used in all cities – your freedom and independence remain untouched.

  • Flexible workplace in all cities
  • Terms from one month (discountable)
  • Optional meetingrooms available

only €139 /month* (5 days)

only €199 /month* (10 days)

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Coworking Complete

If the need for a flexible workplace is greater, then this package is not only the right choice, but also the most efficient. The offices are ready for occupancy immediately and have functional, high-quality equipment. With this option, you can use our address to register your company in the commercial register. A company sign at the entrance is also optionally available.

  • Best value for money
  • Company registration & sign available
  • Incl. postal acceptance

from €279 /month*

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Tagesbüro in Düsseldorf

Coworking Dedicated

If If you want 24/7 access to your flexible workspaces,  this package deal is the best choice. We respond to your wishes in a service-oriented manner at the drop of a hat. With this option, you can also register your company in the commercial register using our address.

  • Your own workspace with 24/7 access
  • postal & telephone service included
  • Company registration & sign available

from €379 /month*

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Empfang mit Büroservice in Frankfurt (Nextower)

Coworking for your company registration

Are you a freelancer, self-employed person or frequent traveler? Or do you prefer to work in the home office? A registered company is a requirement for you? Then our "Coworking Complete" or "Coworking Dedicated" are the best choices for you. In COLLECTION flexible Workspaces, innovation meets great design and the highest service orientation.

Freelancers and start-ups will find flexible options here to determine the right coworking space for the company's new headquarters. Get advice easily and quickly:

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Coworking space at a prime location

Central and representative addresses

Company registration

Registered company adresses available

Professional office service

Trained staff on site

Furnished & exquisite offices

Feel-good moments and ease at work

Flexible contracts

Starting from a day or terms with discounts available

ancillary costs & benefits included

No extra costs for cleaning, commission, internet etc.

Features overview

With all coworking packages, you benefit from generously sized workspaces in a quiet work environment, including a modern network structure. Our high-speed Internet is always available free of charge and you can use the multi-function printers upon request.

Feature Coworking 1 Day Coworking 5 or 10 Days Coworking Complete Coworking Dedicated
Workspace & Usage Hot Desk at one location during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations with 24/7 access
Meeting rooms optional optional incl. 2 hours incl. 2 hours
Company registration & postal acceptance -- -- yes yes
Company sign -- -- optional optional
Landline number & phone -- -- yes yes
Call answering -- -- optional incl. 25x, more optional
Specifics No contract term Cancable monthly or up to 15% term discount Cancable monthly or up to 15% term discount Locker, cancable monthly or up to 15% runtime discount
Price in €* 39 / day from 139 / month from 279 / month from 379 / month
Gemeinsames Coworking in Frankfurt: Lounge

Modern and quiet coworking spaces

The offices create a quiet and exclusive working environment with a feel-good factor. In a friendly atmosphere, you can design your day-to-day work flexibly and according to your needs: Privately in peace and quiet or in cooperation with like-minded people. State-of-the-art technology ensures the smooth running of your work processes in your workplace. Windows offer a beautiful view and allow plenty of natural light into the offices. Our office spaces are in representative locations with very good public transport connections. Each coworking space is stylishly designed and comfortably furnished to make you feel at home.

In the lounges in the aisle and in the tea kitchens you meet like-minded people and make new contacts. Thanks to the many intersections, office spaces in a business center are ideal for networking and exchanging ideas. In a friendly working atmosphere, you work in a shared office with a community from different industries. From inspiration to new business ideas or even joint projects, many new perspectives are waiting to unfold themselves to you.

Coworking in Hamburg: Teeküche

Coworking in a Workspace

In contrast to noisy open-space offices, the coworking spaces of COLLECTION flexible Workspaces impress with an optimal working environment. In a quiet and friendly atmosphere, there are different rental areas of all kinds. Without loud soundscape and disturbances in the workrooms, productive work is particularly encouraged. The coworking spaces are deliberately not located in open-space offices and thus offer a pleasant and flexible workspace with all the advantages that characterise a business center. Modern technology such as video conferencing systems and professional services such as postal service leave nothing to be desired. Do you wish to rent a business address? This is already included in the “Complete” and “Dedicated” packages. Phone calls can be answered and mail received.

Coworking & Shared Office in Stuttgart

Passionate Office Service as the perfect complement

Free yourself of everyday tasks by booking our office service. Our professional staff will be happy to support you so that you can concentrate fully on your work. Answering phone calls within the phone service is just as much a part of it as arranging meetings with catering. Small paperwork also fors part of the array of our services. Whether you're renting a coworking space or a temporary office, you can always use our service.

Flexible and good value

Our contracts guarantee you maximum amounts of freedom with terms, without any hidden costs. The coworking packages are designed to be individual and flexible. Whether you book the open space for one day, one month or two years, it's up to you. You only pay for what you use so that unnecessary expenses do not arise. The ancillary costs and cleaning are, of course, included in the price in our centers.

Coworking in Stuttgart in einer Teeküche

Coworking spaces at prime locations

The office buildings are at prime locations and prestigious addresses of the city centers with the best infrastructure. The buildings of the business centers are suitable as a representative business address and were chosen for their architectural appeal. A particularly good transport connection makes the centers attractive and sought-after locations in the metropolises. Your new coworking space is easily accessible by public transport. Excellent restaurants, shopping malls and parks are within walking distance of each location.

More benefits:

  • Every coworking space comes with daily cleaning
  • Network of members from different industries
  • Good networking and infrastructure at every location
Konferenzraum in Düsseldorf

Meetings in a representative environment

Welcome your customers or visitors at state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Anyone renting a coworking space can also rent the conference rooms. We provide an optimal environment to successfully conduct your meetings, seminars and conferences. The discreet and stylish design of the meeting rooms and business lounges in an exclusive ambience promotes the feel-good factor and supports a pleasant get-together. Modern technology such as video conferencing systems allow a smooth process and leave nothing to be desired by technical means. Large walls of windows with a beautiful view illuminate the meetingrooms in each location with plenty of natural light.

The lounges and tea kitchens invite you to linger during breaks and offer many contact options. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a selection of cakes or between-meal snacks. An individual catering service is available parallel to the meeting rental. Whether you are hosting meetings, conferences or seminars: Flexible meeting rooms of the business centers offer the right thing for every need. The day offices can also be rented by the hour for private meetings – this is particularly suitable as a complement to a coworking space.

Companies who already trust us

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