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Exclusive company address in Hamburg with exceptional location

With our company address in Hamburg, you can choose between two renowned addresses. Choose for yourself: Neuer Wall or Hohe Bleichen? With the right company address in Hamburg, you will impress your customers and business partners from the very first moment. With us, you are also not tied to an office, but can simply add our company address as a highlight to your imprint. At the same time, with a company address you also secure yourself various service offers and can always remain present in Hamburg for your customers.

Benefits of a company address in Hamburg

  • Representative company address in Hamburg
  • Location at Neuer Wall & Hohe Bleichen
  • Telephone & post service
  • Flexible booking
  • Top connections
  • Exclusive business cards
Außenansicht COLLECTION Business Center Hamburg Hohe Bleichen

Speaks for itself: first-class company address in Hamburg

In Hamburg, too, we rely on exclusive locations that impress. For your company address in Hamburg you have the choice between Neuer Wall and Hohe Bleichen. Both locations impress with a renowned name. In addition, our locations are especially centrally located and are easily accessible for you, should you ever be in the city. With these locations, you can network in the best possible way and gain a unique entry into Hamburg's business world. If you do happen to be on site, you will also benefit from our perfect connections and the lively surroundings. Here you can also arrange a dinner with business partners in the exclusive restaurants at any time.

Der Empfang in Hamburg, Neuer Wall. Hell gehalten mit Beige- und Weißtönen, eine komfortable Couch mit Kissen im Vordergrund, den Empfangstresen mit goldenen Stoffbahnen im Hintergrund neben einer die komplette Wand einnehmenden Fensterfront. An der Decke Leuchtelemente in Form von ineinander verschlungenen, goldenen Ringen.


With our company address in Hamburg, you do not have to be directly on site and tied to an office. We are happy to take over your customer representation and let you be reachable at any time. Our friendly team will gladly take care of your calls and keep you informed of all important phone calls at all times. To personalise your telephone service, we are also happy to design a personalised announcement with you in advance. Our team is made up of competent and experienced staff who will provide you with the best possible support.

Exclusive mail service for your company address

Our friendly staff will not only take care of your calls, but will also be happy to receive your mail. So from now on you will never miss any mailings. We will keep your mail until you return or send it directly to the address of your choice. With a company address in Hamburg, you can always be reached.

Der Empfangsbereich im COLLECTION Center Neuer Wall Hamburg. Empfangstresen aus dunklem Holze, bodenlange Fensterfront und zweifarbig abgesetzes Parkett.

Flexible booking of a company address in Hamburg

We adapt completely to your individual contract wishes. Rent our company address in Hamburg for exactly as long as you need it. If you still need office space, you can also add more flexible workspaces to your company address in Hamburg at any time. We adapt our company address in Hamburg to your needs. Simply book your company address now via our website and receive a non-binding offer. If you have any further questions, you can also reach us by phone at any time. We look forward to welcoming you to Hamburg soon.

Hamburg Hohe Bleichen

Hamburg Neuer Wall

take off when others give up

Zu sehen ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in allen Fragen zu COLLECTIOn, Denis Knetsch. Herr Knetsch ist ein junger Mann mit zurückgelegtem, blonden Haar und gepflegtem Dreitagebart. Er trägt einen dunklen, dezent karierten Anzug, ein weißes Hemd und eine schwarz/weiße Krawatte mit Treppenmuster.

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