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Exclusive co-working space in Hamburg

Get new motivation and become part of our co-working space in Hamburg. Here you can exchange ideas with exciting coworkers and design creative projects together. Our co-working in Hamburg takes your business to the next level. At the same time, you can retreat at any time and work in a relaxed manner in your stylish co-working space. COLLECTIONS shared office is the perfect solution for any entrepreneur looking for a change in everyday life. Our unique locations Neuer Wall and Hohe Bleichen are also perfect for client meetings to make a lasting impression on your guests. Get to know our exclusive co-working in Hamburg now!

Co-working in Hamburg: Benefits

  • Coworking in Hamburg in quiet surroundings
  • Cost-effective and flexible
  • Central location
  • Exclusive contract terms
  • Perfectly coordinated service packages

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Coworking in Hamburg: Teeküche

The right co-working office with us

Looking with your young company for new contacts? Accommodation for your own office too expensive? With co-working in Hamburg you are opting for a contemporary concept corresponding to the modern working life and bringing you closer to other start-ups, freelancers and the self-employed. The basic principle of co-working is an open and communicative share of the same office space in which everyone receives their own workplace.

The infrastructure of the specific offices is laid out around the shared use of equipment and materials that would otherwise need to be paid for by you. On our website, you will find attractive offers in the Hanseatic city that invite you to shared working and show your young company new perspectives in the world of commence.

Coworking in Hamburg: Lounge

Ideal networking office for start-ups, creative enterprises and companies

The greatest advantage with co-working is the shared working that you can either aim for, or comes with time when using the office. Specifically for young and dynamic companies and individuals, this form of working offers the major advantage of quickly making contact with other self-employed persons and creative minds, and building up an attractive network. It is often the case that the existing capabilities and skills of individual users complement each other and enable you to implement projects together.

Even your first clients, who either share the office or can make recommendations among your group of clients, can be won over in this way. Otherwise, the co-working principle helps in saving on expensive costs for your own office and sophisticated technical equipment. In a major city such as Hamburg, the rents for professionally laid out offices for start-ups and individuals are hardly financially feasible. Often only a desk and basic office technology is required, which is provided in corresponding workspaces for co-workers and that meets your requirements.

Coworking in Hamburg: Lounge

Straightforward co-working with us in Hamburg

You are at the right place if you would like to find out more about co-working in a shared major office in Hamburg. The COLLECTION Business Center shows you locations in the Hanseatic city where you can experience this form of shared working at attractive conditions. Use your own workspace at an attractive and affordable monthly rent and still take advantage of all amenities that would otherwise only be available in your own office.

As a point of contact for contemporary ways of working, with us you will find a wide range of premises, from virtual offices up to conference rooms available for rent, which will fully match your requirements. With us, you will find your new working environment in Hamburg and meet other companies to accompany along your way to a successful future. If you have a specific interest in one of our locations, just speak to us for further information.

Coworking options in Hamburg

Feature Coworking 1 Day Coworking 5 or 10 Days Coworking Complete Coworking Dedicated
Workspace & Usage Hot Desk at one location during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations during opening hours Hot Desk at all locations with 24/7 access
Meeting rooms optional optional incl. 2 hours incl. 2 hours
Company registration & postal acceptance -- -- yes yes
Company sign -- -- optional optional
Landline number & phone -- -- yes yes
Call answering -- -- optional incl. 25x, more optional
Specifics No contract term Cancable monthly or up to 15% term discount Cancable monthly or up to 15% term discount Locker, cancable monthly or up to 15% runtime discount
Price in €* 39 / day from 139 / month from 279 / month from 379 / month

Hamburg Hohe Bleichen

Hamburg Neuer Wall

take off when others give up

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