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The COLLECTION brand stands for personal, familiar, individual and unique business centers in conjunction with with modernity, lightness, lifestyle, professionalism in a discreet and elegant atmosphere.

COLLECTION turns a new page in the history of the business center branch. The new brand was founded by the co-founder and long-time managing directors of Excellent Business Centers, Janko Siegert and Dr. Andre Helf, in partnership with long-time companions and branch experts, successfully selling the company to Regus. COLLECTION changes the branch in a major way. Our brand provides time-flexible rental offices to national and international clients and supports companies of all sizes and sectors in regards to the outsourcing of office and secretarial services.

  • Fully furnished offices with flexible renting times, offering service ot one up to 30 work stations at the best addresses and/or landmarks.
  • Immediately available and ready for occupancy. Call today, move in tomorrow. Expand or reduce your contract whenever necessary.
  • Each office size is available. Day office, single office, executive office or office suite up to project office or open space office.
  • Virtual offices: time flexible rental business addresses including secretarial services, f.e. answering incoming calls in the client's name from a specific landline number.
  • Office service: Multilingual secretarial service, call reception and professional reception service.
  • Conference rooms for every need. Rentable from one hour. On request, with catering and conference services.  

Our strength

Time-flexible rental offices for companies from different industries & outsourcing of office and secretarial work.

COLLECTION as a brand stands for individual and unique business centers with a personal and intimate atmosphere, paired with modernity, feelings of ease, lifestyle, professionalism and discreet elegance. It is not just the exceptional design unique among business centers and the highly innovative layout created in partnership with the renowned interior designer ERIC KUSTER Metropolitan Luxury, but also the well-trained and friendly staff who are intuitively service-oriented and sincere, symbolising a concept which stands out so considerably from other concepts on the market. All of this for outstanding value for money relative to the market.

COLLECTION is an extraordinary and unique collection of business centers at the best locations and housed in the best properties, where clients and their high standards are the focuse of attention. The brand represents the very best office equipment, top quality service and a sense of well-being at work that exceed the norm in this sector.

Each COLLECTION business center with its individuality, authenticity, originality and unparalleled ethos reflects the highest and most agreeable level of service and space that is available in each respective city. Although each individual COLLECTION business center differs from one another, all COLLECTION business centers have in common the modern and aesthectic interior design and equipment as well as reflecting the sophisticated lifestyle standards of their clients.

COLLECTION business centers are more than mere business centers. They reflect a way of life and focus on the experience and sense of the exceptional: Tastefully furnished premises, fabulous design, pioneering innovation, modern service orientation and a unique passion for detail take absolute priority. As such, the success of your business becomes an experience and is self-evident. COLLECTION has a very high background of financial capital. Our expansion is slated in the coming years for openings of business centres in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux and Scandinavia.

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