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Corporate philosophy


COLLECTION Business Center sets new standards in the world of business centers. We stand for the very best properties and prestigious locations, the highest quality of service and the invention of a modern work environment with the best possible creative atmosphere for our clients – earning us the qualification of a unique stand-out in the world of business centers.

Our Mission: Leading quality business center

We are the top address for quality in our line of business. COLLECTION Business Centers are more than just office agglomerations.  We constantly strive to provide a sense of extra class, reflecting our philosophy and understanding of functionality, efficiency and comfortability in the work space. Our tastefully furnished venues coupled with fantastic interior design, modern orientation to service and a unique attention to detail are right at the forefront of our drive for excellency.

About Us — Our Values

  • Hospitality

Ensuring extraordinary experiences for our customers — is our passion. Long-lasting business relationships with enthusiastic clients are our goal.

  • Integrity

Our core competence consists of always giving our very best for our clients. However, we are constantly on the lookout to improve and develop further.

  • Leadership

We always take a leading position in our line of business.

  • Team

Our team consists of trained and professional employees who know the best practices when it comes to interactions with clients and visitors. Our inhouse task force ensures the most flexible availability of service at any of our locations at any time.

  • Now

We work proactively, fast and with discipline. The private sphere and confidentiality of our customers and colleagues are extremely important to us.

Our Promise to our Employees

Our employees are our most important asset. They are proactive, hard-working, flexible, have enjoyed the best training and are fully committed to COLLECTION. Trust, honesty, support, respect and integrity are the pillars ensuring the optimization of individual talent to the benefit of the entire team.

Our Leadership Principals

  • Our decisions are always clear, unequivocal and implemented rapidly in compliance with our goal-orientation.
  • Our managers are reliable, consistent and service-oriented. They are fair to employees and absolutely loyal to the company.
  • Our managers are trained to always set markers for work ethic excellence. Our expectations are communicated by transparent means. We appreciate innovative strength, creativity, competence in handling costs and solving problems, as well as extraordinary commitment.
  • We support our employees by constantly giving constructive feedback to optimize their performance and encourage their professional development.
  • Our working methods are always efficient. We utilize our resources transparently and in awareness of our responsibility and the costs. We exemplify a lean organization with efficient processes. 

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