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Living and working in Vienna: "the most livable city in the world"

That is the title of superiority Vienna was awarded by the internationally distributed magazine “The Economist”. Living and working in Vienna: As “The most livable City of the World”, Austria’s capital beats global competition like Melbourne, Osaka, Calgary, Sydney, Vancouver or Toronto. The only other European city reaching the top ten list was Copenhagen, finishing 9th. A grand total of 140 cities were evaluated.


The Economist’s ranking of Vienna as “The most livable City in the World” confirms similar findings published by the US Consulting firm Mercer – in that table, Vienna also finished as “The most livable City in the World”, ahead of Zurich, Munich and Auckland. Mercer even evaluated 231 cities. Thus, living and working in Vienna is seen as immensely attractive.


Vienna takes the lead in almost every category

With the title comes a great deal of pride among the inhabitants in the metropolis on the river Danube. The criteria comprised all walks of life, such as social security, economic infrastructure, education and science, medical care, political stability and cultural choices – institutions like the Burgtheater or the State Opera are world-renowned. The Austrian daily “Der Standard” conducted a street survey among Viennese from all kinds of different ethnicities upon finding out that Vienna was given the title “The most livable City in the World” and wanted to know what they thought of the award. Everybody wholeheartedly agreed, people were specifically fond of the overall security in the city, its cleanliness and the public transportation system. Living and working in Vienna also includes, from the view of those questioned: Cultural variety and international atmosphere, tolerance and cosmopolitanism. Vienna’s citizens also issued a word of caution: In order to retain the title “The most livable City in the World”, officials were advised to place extra care maintaining the cultural heritage and watch out for sustainable expansion, including environmental protection. Part of living and working in Vienna is the extended use of the city’s vast parks and recreational areas.


A booming economy

Vienna’s economic importance has risen steadily over the past years – an ever so important aspect of living and working in Vienna. Aside from New York and Geneva, Vienna is one of three United Nations cities. A great number of international organizations is headquartered in Vienna, such as OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) or OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). Vienna has established a well-recognized status as a hub for research and development in many branches. The city has been ranked as the number one venue for international seminars and conferences by the global governing body ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association).


Given those facts, it became a matter of course for COLLECTION to open a business center in Vienna’s top location, the Golden Quarter. Dr André Helf, COLLECTION Business Center Group’s CEO, appraises the title “The most livable City in the World”: “It is a well-deserved award. Those who have the privilege of visiting Vienna often or even living there, know: the frame work for first class quality of live is a given there. We are aware of those circumstances and would like to open a second business center there within the foreseeable future, preferably within the next two years. There is certainly a great deal of demand. Vienna’s economic mix is wide-ranging, securing growth opportunities and jobs. The future perspective is great. On top of that, Vienna has always been a bridgehead to Eastern Europe, where many companies continue to expect excellent market chances.”


“The most livable City in the World” is offering one other advantage to its inhabitants: residential real estate prices are still fairly low in comparison to other major cities. Another reason to consider living and working in Vienna as a very appealing option.



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