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Video conference

Video conference: overview

  • sophisticated setting
  • comfortable, relaxed atmosphere
  • complete service including catering, postal service and secretarial service
  • business lounge
  • flexible contracts - contract duration free to select
  • prices are complete packages - there are no additional costs on top
  • large meeting, conference and video conference rooms can be rented just by the hour or for longer
  • offices can be rented - very flexibly
  • all rooms are furnished and equipped with the necessary technology - making the conference a success
  • our staff ensure everything involved - allowing you to concentrate on your work
  • round-the-clock access possible during the tenancy - even at night or the weekend
Konferenzraum in Düsseldorf

Maintaining contact with business partners and clients is very important for entrepreneurs from all sectors. This may be in many shapes and forms. A video conference is one such example. Compared to an on-site conference it has the advantage of not all participants needing to be present in person, rather they can join at any time. Above all, this makes a video conference of interest for entrepreneurs whose business partners are a long way away and therefore cannot always travel to discuss important matters. Distance plays no role here. Joining by video is also possible over several hundreds or thousands of miles. Thanks to modern technology, the discussion is as realistic as the participants being right at the conference table. The COLLECTION Business Center offers ideal premises. This applies both to people who want to hold a meeting or video conference for just a few hours and those wanting to do so over a longer period. In doing so you need not worry about anything. All details are dealt with by the staff at the UBC Business Collection Centre.

Video conference - COLLECTION Business Center

The COLLECTION Business Center offers much more than just renting premises. All services around the conference can be added as a complete package. This applies both the catering service and the secretarial or postal ones. In addition, the premises are fully equipped. This applies to both the furniture and the technology. Anyone renting needs not to worry about anything and can concentrate fully on their work and running the conference. Anyone wanting to can also rent suitable premises for a longer period. This is above all of interest for entrepreneurs looking for a good office and business address at one of the most renowned locations within the city. The COLLECTION Business Center and its staff stand out for flexibility and meeting the wishes of all of our clients and partners.

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