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accomodation adress

An accommodation address as an alternative to a real office

Virtual offices are becoming increasingly widespread. The reasons are obvious, as flexibility in terms of time and location is in demand not just for entrepreneurs, but also many clients, employees and business partners. Not every entrepreneur and business owner wants to rent expensive office premises. Then again, an exclusive business address is a requirement for occupying a good place in the market and being taken seriously as an entrepreneur. It is often the case that the business address goes significantly hand in hand with a company's reputation. For this reason, entrepreneurs are increasingly counting on their accommodation address to cut costs on the one hand and be available at an exclusive location (by post, telephone and email) on the other.

Virtual office with comprehensive services

A virtual office at the COLLECTION Business Centre is much more than just an exclusive address at which you can be contacted at any time by your clients and business partners. In fact, comprehensive services are also included there. These services include the office, postal and secretarial service. All of your calls are taken by us, answered by our staff, and if required forward to you. All details in this respect are agreed by contract and clarified in advance.
Flexible contracts that can be optimised to your specific requirements are the norm for the COLLECTION Business Centre. As such, our services can be used by the hour, day, week or for longer. We are able to offer you a complete package or individual services.
As required, we can also make you an appropriate offer if for example you are after business, consulting or large meeting rooms for a brief period to supplement your accommodation address. Rent an office, conference or large meeting room for a shorter or longer period, work there, receive guests, or hold your conferences. Conferences can also be held virtually. We have the corresponding technical requirements.


  • at the COLLECTION Business Center you can have a  virtual office set up where flexible contracts with individual lengths are possible.
  • Office service, postal service and/or secretarial service included. Availability round the clock at an exclusive address
  • all services are provided by professional and specially trained staff
  • exclusive location leads to an exclusive reputation for your company
  • clients and business partners can reach you not just by post, but also by telephone or email under the stated business address at the Business Collection Centre
  • a business address can be rented by the hour, day or for longer



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