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Projektbüro in Düsseldorf

Project office in Düsseldorf - more space for your projects

Collaboration in a project often not only requires individual team members interacting by phone and email, but also physically proximity. A project office in Düsseldorf is the right choice when working together on a specific project and wanting to interact quickly about ideas and information. We offer you various options at the Düsseldorf COLLECTION Business Centre. You can opt directly for one of our team offices or a meeting room for intensive teamwork. Or use our individual and executive offices to keep lines of communication short and, at the same time, ensure sufficient peace when working. Perhaps you are planning to involve freelance staff in your project and would like to enhance your capacities by means of a project office in Düsseldorf? Request your non-binding quote now for a project office in Düsseldorf.

Außenansicht Düsseldorf Dreischeibenhaus


Create the right work surroundings by renting a project office at the COLLECTION Business Centre in Düsseldorf. Our rooms have an exclusive interior design that contributes to a pleasant and comfortable working atmosphere. The rooms are to be found on the 14th floor of the Dreischeibenhaus right in the city centre. Unwind during your breaks on our roof terrace or visit one of the many restaurants in Düsseldorf city centre. The Business Centre is easy to reach by a wide range of means of transport. Need more space at the spur of the moment or planning a larger event? Additional office and meeting rooms are available to rent in the building. Our professional team is happy to organise catering for you or take on secretarial and document tasks. Additional services such as greeting guests, taking telephone calls in your name, and accepting and forwarding post can also be ordered.

Büroflächen in Düsseldorf (Dreischeibenhaus)

Project offices in Düsseldorf - your advantages

You will enjoy numerous advantages by opting for a project office in Düsseldorf. Our office premises are ready for immediate occupancy. This means you not need to invest time in either searching for or setting up a project office. You can move in right away with your team and start working on your joint project. Our furnished office premises also have a well-thought-out technical infrastructure. Use the WiFi to stay in contact with other colleagues or business partners. You will be working in prestigious surroundings that will also impress your colleagues and any guests. You will receive your own fax and telephone number making you directly contactable for clients and business partners in Düsseldorf. There is the option of us placing a company plaque for you at the entrance to the building, and you can have your company name entered in the Commercial Register. You will also enjoy a high degree of flexibility with regard to your stay at our Business Centre in Düsseldorf.

Rent project offices in Düsseldorf for a few weeks, months or years - we set the lease term on an individual basis. The end of your project is in sight? Then take advantage of our short notice period. Thanks to their excellent city-centre location, our office premises are really easy to reach for you, your clients, guests and colleagues. You will incur no additional commission or investment costs. Ancillary costs for water, power and internal cleaning are already included in the all-inclusive price for our Düsseldorf project offices.

Dreischeibenhaus Dusseldorf Königsallee

Dusseldorf Three George / Kaiserwerther Strasse

take off when others give up

Zu sehen ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in allen Fragen zu COLLECTIOn, Denis Knetsch. Herr Knetsch ist ein junger Mann mit zurückgelegtem, blonden Haar und gepflegtem Dreitagebart. Er trägt einen dunklen, dezent karierten Anzug, ein weißes Hemd und eine schwarz/weiße Krawatte mit Treppenmuster.


Denis Knetsch

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