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Seminar center at COLLECTION

Rooms in the seminar center: benefits

  • exclusive setting
  • rooms set out in comfort - modern technology for seminars, meetings and video conferences
  • flexible tenancy agreements by the hour, day, week or even longer
  • catering service can also be booked
  • by request, office service, postal service and secretarial service
  • tenancy agreements are complete packages for all services booked - no extra costs
  • seminar centre, large meeting room, business lounge, video conference - many options, one address
  • offices for individuals and teams
  • round-the-clock access for the rooms rented: day and night, on weekdays, at weekends and on public holidays
Konferenzraum in Stuttgart, Königstraße

There is the option of renting a seminar centre at the UBC Business Collection Centre. This applies regardless of the intended attendance and duration of the training. One important feature of the tenancy agreements at the COLLECTION Business Center is their flexibility in terms of time. Contracts can be entered into for a few hours as well as several days, a weekend, or for a longer period. The Centre has numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. They can get on with their work for a specific period, make new contacts, or hold conferences and seminars. Along with live conferences and seminars, video conferences are also possible.

Conference room in Frankfurt with city view

Seminar centre at the UBC Business Collection Centre

All premises at the COLLECTION Business Center are not only furnished, but also equipped with the technology required to make the seminar or conference a success. In addition, a catering service and the office/postal service is possible on request. These services are provided by our in-house staff who have the appropriate training and will be pleased to meet your requirements. For this reason, you do not need to worry about having to deal with any of these details yourself. This allows you to focus on the preparation, performance and follow-up of your seminar. Not only are we able to provide you with suitable premises for a seminar on site, but also for a video conference. This means that not everyone taking part needs to attend, but can join in by video conference. A combination of a seminar on site with external participants joining can be arranged by us.

Speak to us and we will find a bespoke solution for you. Anyone not just looking to hold a seminar but also other activities with an office in the city may also turn to the COLLECTION Business Center. We provide offices for sole traders and teams. These offices are also fully furnished, with the furnishings standing out for their exclusive design that emanates a sophisticated and comfortable aura.

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