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Meeting venue at COLLECTION

Meeting venue: overview

  • flexible contracts by the hour, day or longer
  • meetings can be held on site or by video conference
  • flexible contracts
  • comprehensive services such as catering, office and postal services
  • in addition, offices can be rented - for entrepreneurs and businesspeople
  • exclusive address - for clients, business partners, interested parties and those attending meetings
  • round-the-clock access to the rented premises at the business center
  • fully equipped premises - exclusive atmosphere
  • business lounges
  • complete package - co extra costs
  • interim and final cleaning included
Conference room in Frankfurt with city view

If you are looking for a suitable meeting venue for your conference or meeting with business partners, you can turn to the COLLECTION Business Centre. It is located at an exclusive address in the centre of the city. This is an important aspect that should never be underestimated, as it has been unequivocally shown that the location for a meeting or a company's base has a very significant influence on image. Leave nothing to chance and hold your meeting at the COLLECTION Business Center. There is enough space for your guests from near and far, and there is also the possibility of arranging a video conference with participants who do not need to be there in person.

Konferenzraum in Hamburg

Meeting venue - COLLECTION Business Center

The UBC Business Collection Centre offers fully furnished premises maintained to an exclusive and sophisticated design. The necessary technology required for a meeting is also available. This applies both for a live meeting on site and one held in the form of a video conference with participants from far and wide. Our tenancy agreements stand out for their high degree of flexibility and can be customised to the requirements of the individual persons. This applies both to the tenancy relationship for a meeting venue and the structure of the tenancy relationship. As such, a secretarial, postal, telephone or email service can be added to a one. Speak to us and we will find an optimum solution for you. Only needing your premises for a few hours is just as possible as for a longer period.

Not only wanting to hold a meeting but also remaining longer on site to get on with your business is also no problem. At the COLLECTION Business Center you can rent offices for a shorter or longer period for an individual or a team. As long as the tenancy agreement is in place you always have round-the-clock access to your meeting venue or your other premises.

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