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  • How does a COLLECTION business centre work?

    A COLLECTION business centre is comparable to a hotel in which an enterprise sets up an office. Companies lease fully equipped offices or conference rooms in representative and central locations. They determine the length of the term of the lease and decide whether — and when — they want to take advantage of office services such as telephone or secretariat services. They pay only for what they actually use. There are no long-term commitments to leases.

  • What advantages do companies enjoy when they rent space in a COLLECTION business centre instead of maintaining their own offices?

    Customers who decide in favour of a COLLECTION business centre quickly have the office they need — in the desired size, with the necessary furnishings and the required professional service, all without financial risk. No expenditures for investments and commissions are required, nor are there leases with long-term commitments. This approach gives companies the opportunity to open new locations on short notice without high financial or personnel expenditures and, as necessary, to close them again. Foreign companies benefit because the personnel speak the language of the country and are familiar with German business practices. Cost savings as high as 50% in comparison with conventional office solutions are possible.

  • What makes COLLECTION business centres different from those of other office service providers?

    The five-star concept. COLLECTION offers spaces with high-quality appointments and top office locations, including ideal transport connections. Services such as order acceptance, translation services and office technology meet state-of-the-art standards. Tastefully appointed rooms, fantastic design, cutting-edge innovation, total commitment to service and unique love of detail are top priorities for every COLLECTION business centre.

  • What is a virtual office?

    A "virtual office" is an "office without a physical space" — and is one of the services offered by COLLECTION business centres. Companies that do not have their own offices lease the secretariat services and the representative address of the COLLECTION business centre. Employees at the business centre accept calls in the name of the specific company or connect callers to the appropriate contact. If desired, the company name will be listed at the building entrance. Offices and conference rooms can be hired by the hour for meetings. A virtual office is a rewarding facility for freelancers in particular who work at home and must always be reachable.

  • Who uses COLLECTION business centres?

    Our customers come from all lines of business. They include expanding large corporations from Germany and abroad as well as midsize and small businesses that require only a desk for a certain period of time. Startup companies whose success is not yet assured are especially happy to have the flexibility of the concept. However, companies that have not yet found suitable office premises at a given location also lease space in a business centre.

  • So many companies under one roof. How secure are company secrets?

    Every company works in its own office spaces. When you are working with sensitive data, you close the door — and you are on your own. The infrastructure, which conforms to the usual data protection regulations, is provided by the COLLECTION business centre — from the network to the telephone to the individual door security system. The reception personnel receive visitors and check anyone entering the office area.

  • Where does the idea of leasing flexible-term office space, including services, come from?

    The first business centre providers were American companies that were not able to utilise all of their office space in the 1970s and leased excess space for a limited time to other companies. Features such as free parking spaces, a common cafeteria or infrastructure such as telephone systems or a fax machine came along as additional lease incentives. This “co-habitation idea” for companies has developed into a branch of real estate business that has become more and more professional, especially in the last 20 years — and has seen demand in our mobile working world grow. The concept is being emulated all around the world today. The market for business centres is become more and more diversified.

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